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Dead to sin

Romans 6:1-11 Many years ago, in the middle of January, I was born, the third child for my parents. Seventy-eight days later I died. How can this be since I am writing this today? The answer is found within our … Continue reading

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The light of God’s truth

Matthew 9:27–31, 1 John 1:1–10 Today it seems fashionable to redefine most anything. It has become socially acceptable to order daily life according to personal thoughts and experiences. Yet, the truth remains that we humans do not have the power … Continue reading

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Sharing the gift

Luke 2:22-40 As today begins, Christians find themselves at the intersection of life in the world and life as God’s beloved people. For the world, it is simply another day following a busy holiday season. Yet, for those who know … Continue reading

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The Greatest Gift

Ephesians 4:1-16 On the ninth day of Christmas (January 2), my true love gave to me nine ladies dancing. So goes the song of giftedness for the twelve days of Christmas. If we add up all the gifts given according … Continue reading

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Faithful and True

Revelation 19:11-16 If you were asked to describe Jesus how would you? What physical attributes could you mention? John takes up the task in the nineteenth chapter of Revelation. I would imagine, however, that our descriptions of Jesus would likely … Continue reading

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The second day of the week

Luke 24:36-53 The Easter narrative makes us fully aware of what happened on the first day of the week. Women went to Jesus’ tomb and found he was not dead; he was raised. The news spread throughout that first day … Continue reading

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Were you there?

Luke 24:1-12 Were you there? No doubt many sang this beloved hymn on Good Friday. Were you there when they crucified my Lord? Of course, you were. Though not physically, your sin, my sin, our sin was there. It is … Continue reading

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