Sharing the good news

John 20_21

John 20:19-23

In hours and days after Jesus’ crucifixion, those who followed him were lost for words. How could it happen that Jesus was crucified? It didn’t make any sense that a man hailed as king one day, would be executed by the end of the week. Then confusion reached an even higher level when reports were made that Jesus’ body was gone. Some even said they saw him alive again.

Confusion still remains when it comes to the risen and living Lord Jesus. The world won’t accept it. How can someone who was dead be alive again? How can one man’s dying save the entire human race from their sins? The powers that defy God are perfectly content to keep Jesus in the grave. They are also perfectly content to keep the risen Lord’s disciples fearful of reprisals lest they begin proclaiming his victory over sin and death.

Yet the promises of God are sure. Sin has been defeated. Christ has opened the gates of heaven to all believers. Through our risen Lord, fear gives way to assurance, doubt surrenders to belief, and those who call upon the Lord are provided the peace of Christ. It is the message our fallen and broken so desperately needs to hear. Open the doors and go tell others, for the peace of Christ is to be shared with all.

Prayer: Almighty God, provide a clear voice for your church, that the good news of your grace is shared throughout the world. Amen.

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