Seeing and believing

Luke 24:1-11

Sometimes seeing isn’t always believing. Eyes have been known to play tricks. But when seeing is combined with feeling and hearing, one should consider the possibility that what has been seen, heard and felt is true. Such was not always the case following Jesus’ resurrection.

Perhaps we should not be so hard on the eleven remaining disciples, people often refuse to believe and provide alternatives to the resurrection. Even some buoyed by years of scholarship fabricate contradicting theories. Some will go to great lengths to fabricate a story. They say things such as , Jesus was revived and taken away, someone took his place on the cross, he didn’t really die. In the end they still have the same problem. Moses and the prophets all point to Jesus and the empty tomb.

Because the tomb was found empty the hearts of God’s people are filled with joy. Because the tomb was found empty, the void created by sin is filled with God’s forgiveness. Because the tomb was found empty, humanity is filled with the promise of eternal life. We can believe this because all of the evidence, the eyewitness testimony along with Moses and the prophets all point to one thing; on the third day the tomb was found empty. There is only one conclusion; Jesus is risen! He is risen indeed!

Prayer: O Lord, through the eyes of faith and the truth of your Word, we believe.  Amen.

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