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Matthew 26:69-75

Discipleship is an aspect of Christian living that is gaining momentum within the Church today. As greater emphasis is placed upon the willingness and ability for believers to share their faith with others, the relationship between God and his people grows deeper and stronger. A life of discipleship takes time, it takes effort and it is never lived alone. Most of all, one who lives as a disciple of Jesus Christ must understand that, even as challenges arise and failures occur, God’s redemptive mercy and grace is stronger than any stumbling block we might encounter.

Peter walked with Jesus for three years. He heard his teaching. He witnessed his miracles. Yet when the greatest challenge to his faith presented itself, Peter shrunk away from his opportunity to proclaim his devotion and love for Christ. Instead of providing a bold witness, Peter denied even knowing Jesus. But God’s saving work was stronger than Peter’s denial. Through the power of Jesus’ death and resurrection, Peter found redemption and became a powerful witness for the gospel.

Because we are sinners, not every opportunity to share faith will be met with a disciple’s bold witness. Certainly, there will be times when we fall short. But God’s grace is stronger than our shortcomings, his mercy will always overcome our sin, and the redemptive work of Christ will restore the sinner to faithfulness. And so we tell others of God’s saving grace made available through the life, death and resurrection of Christ Jesus.

Prayer: Gracious God, forgive me when I fall short of your glory, and make me a bold witness to your grace. Amen.

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