Along the road with Jesus

Luke 24:13-35

How many times have you traveled the Emmaus Road? How often have you considered the pitfalls and disappointments of earthly life and wondered, “How did these things occur?” The two disciples walking along the road, in the midst of despair asked this same question; “How did the crucifixion of Jesus come about?” The next question was even more difficult; “Where is his body?” “Can it be true, what the women said, that he is alive?”

Each of us walks the Emmaus Road in our own way. Earthly life has many toils and snares. Among many simple pleasures, sin, doubt and sorrow also make their presence known. Yet, as we make our way to Emmaus, the stranger comes alongside. Walking with us, stride for stride, he assures us of God’s love, mercy and grace. The stranger joins us in our story and welcomes us into his.

And finally, as the stranger stays with us, this invited guest serves as host for the most wonderful feast of all, making himself known in the breaking of the bread. It is true! Our Lord Jesus, who once was dead, is alive! And because he lives, we shall live also. Thanks be to God.

Prayer: Walk with me, O Christ, bring me the joy of your saving grace. Amen.

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