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Disciples follow

Matthew 4:17-22 What was it that Jesus noticed about Simon and his brother Andrew? They were merely simple fishermen casting their nets. The same might be asked of James and John. They were not doing anything out of the ordinary. … Continue reading

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Disciples give

Mark 10:17-27, 2 Corinthians 9:1-15 The rich man walked away dejected. He had many possessions, or did he? Who can really say that the things within their grasp are truly their possessions? Are not all things from God? Certainly all … Continue reading

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Disciples pray

Matthew 6:5-15 As our Lord Jesus teaches his disciple to pray, notice he does not say “if you pray” but “when you pray.” God commands his children to pray. God wants us to be in relationship with him, expressing our … Continue reading

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Serve the Lord

Matthew 4:17-22, Acts 9:1-9 Four men were simple fishermen. They really did not have the qualifications we might think necessary to build a church. Their expertise was working with nets and boats, finding fish, catching and selling them. Another man … Continue reading

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What do you say?

John 1:19-28 There is a buzzword getting plenty of attention in churches. Discipleship. Churches across the Christian spectrum seem to be on fire for discipleship. In Matthew’s gospel, we hear Jesus’ words “Go make disciples.” And so we go. Some … Continue reading

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To fulfill righteousness

Matthew 3:13-17 As the crowds gathered along the banks of the Jordan River, Jesus took his place among them. He stood shoulder to shoulder among sinners, tax collectors, prostitutes, adulterers, liars and thieves. All of had come to John to … Continue reading

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Light for the world

John 9:1-12 When you experience sudden darkness, it takes time for your eyes to adjust. If you attempt to find your way without allowing your eyes to catch up to the lack of light, you might stumble. With sudden darkness … Continue reading

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