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Authority, source, norm

Mark 11:27-33 As Jesus taught in the temple, many heard his words and were amazed. Some Pharisees, however, were not so pleased with Jesus’ teaching. They often found themselves to be the subjects of his lessons which pointed out to … Continue reading

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God’s never failing word

John 21:20-25, Psalm 119:105-112 The number of gadgets we have to make life simpler is amazing. The gadgets on my desk alone connect me to a world of information and allow me to speak to and see people all over … Continue reading

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The greatest is love

1 Corinthians 13:1-13 To love one another, that is the command given by Jesus to his followers. You are to love one another. At times, it is easy to love one another. The things we have in common and the … Continue reading

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Words of Spirit and truth

John 6:48-69 How can this man give us his flesh to eat? He must be crazy. Some of the things he is saying are just too hard to believe. Such were the thoughts and comments of those who had been … Continue reading

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The Father’s will

John 6:38-47 Who could know the will of God? So often, especially in times of great anticipation or distress, Christians  might pray “please let it be your will.” In times such as these, our wants and our fears get in … Continue reading

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Doing the works of God

John 6:28-37 They have received the loaves and fishes. The great multitude ate their fill until all were satisfied. And they have chased Jesus to the other side of the sea wanting more. Even after Jesus exhorted them to spurn … Continue reading

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The bread that endures

John 6:22-27 In the recent past, there is something that has become a standard practice for many as they search for a new church home. Church shopping; that is the name given to the method of searching for one’s new … Continue reading

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