Together in faith

1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:5

Christians today certainly face doubts and fears. So, like many in the early church, Christians today benefit from the encouragement of other believers. When left on their own, even the faithful risk becoming distant and inactive in matters of worship and fellowship. The world offers too many alternatives to living a life patterned after the example of our Lord Jesus.

At every turn, the powers that defy God lay in wait to snatch the believer from the community of faith. Worldly temptations meant to lure believers away from heavenly things become stumbling blocks. Relying on the self only, even the most devout can set their minds on earthly things rather than seeking God’s kingdom first. This is the great challenge to the faithful while living in a world fallen in upon itself. In such a world, we often rely on the faith of others.

The church certainly faces issues of complacency; many are not as active as we ought to be. Others become lukewarm in their faith. Yet, living in a community of faith, the Holy Spirit strengthens God’s people through their hearing the gospel. The epistles of Paul, along with the other biblical authors continue to encourage Christians throughout the world. We are strengthened by their words, for theirs are the Word of God.

Prayer: Strengthen your church, O Lord; bless the community of those who call upon your name. Amen.

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