Luke 8_50

Luke 8:40-56

Jairus is a man with authority, yet he recognizes his limitations. For the sake of his daughter, Jairus yields to the authority of Christ and begs him to come, but there is an interruption. Another person in need of a miracle also reaches out to Jesus.

How often do we encounter such interruptions? How many times might we feel Jesus is otherwise preoccupied, busy elsewhere and putting off our urgent need? Out of control, our life seems like riding a roller coaster and anything that delays Jesus’ response makes us even more frantic. As Jairus waited for Jesus, things grew worse. News came that his daughter had indeed died. Jairus lost hope; his faith faded into despair. But with Jesus, hope is never lost.

As we continue along our earthly journey, fear and faith seem to walk alongside. Circumstances do not always go our way. Fear takes hold; illness, loneliness, grief and loss come to the forefront. In all of these, we reach out in faith to Christ for help, yet sometimes it seems interruptions block the path to wholeness. Jesus says. “Do not fear, only believe.” Behold, God is with you.

Prayer: Comfort me, O God, that I may feel the power of your love. Amen.

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