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The bread that endures

John 6:22-27 In the recent past, there is something that has become a standard practice for many as they search for a new church home. Church shopping; that is the name given to the method of searching for one’s new … Continue reading

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Do not be afraid

John 6:16-21 It is not a secret, I love to watch powerful thunder storms. I love to watch them especially at night when the thunder shatters the quiet of the night and then lightning flashes so bright that one must … Continue reading

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Thankful for enough

John 6:1-15 We don’t have enough. Where are we going to get more? Statements and questions such as these are more common that we care to imagine. The lack of time or money seem to be two of the leading … Continue reading

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Luke 7:11-17 As Jesus approached the town of Nain there was a commotion. Weeping and wailing. A mother’s son, her only son, was dead, and she was a widow. There was no one left to care for her, no one … Continue reading

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God will provide

Genesis 22:1-18 We can’t deny the powerful images within this morning’s text, just as we cannot imagine making such a choice in order to save our own lives. But through the testing of Abraham, God’s people can see the lengths … Continue reading

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State of the union

Romans 6:1-10 The State of the Union Address; that was the speech that concluded just over seven hours ago. The address is made each year in order to convey the health (or lack thereof) of our country. It is a … Continue reading

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Do not fear

Mark 5:21-43 As he walked with Jesus towards his home, Jairus was hit with the news, “Your daughter is dead.” No need to bother Jesus any longer; you are too late. What was it that kept Jairus going? Having received … Continue reading

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