Seeking Jesus

Mark 1_37

Mark 1:29-45

Who is looking for Christ? According to Peter, everyone is. Ever since his first healing miracle, from the day he freed a demon possessed man, even until today, everyone is looking for Jesus. Some just don’t know it.

Jesus’ love is complete; the sort the unloved crave. His healing is all encompassing, restoring those whom he touches to wholeness of life. His compassion brings to those whose hearts are filled with sorrow a peace which the world cannot. The hungry long to be fed and so many throughout the world thirst for his righteousness. To be returned to wholeness is their plea, and it is what our compassionate Lord accomplishes.

Just as it was in Jesus’ time, people today still seek deliverance from their affliction. Even Christians of deep faith need to hear the gospel again and again. Because he is the author of all life, no affliction can withstand his healing touch. Sickness, sorrow, loneliness or terminal illness; those who seek respite may find it in Christ. Lost or forgotten, all are blessed to receive the good news of Jesus Christ crucified and risen.

God sent his Son into the world in order to save people from their sin. In doing so, Christ brings mercy and grace to those who hear his gospel and believe. Just as scripture teaches us that Jesus traveled from town to town preaching good news, the Church continues this ministry. You see, everyone really is looking for him, but unless they hear his gospel, how will they know it is Christ they seek?

Prayer:  Holy God, by your Holy Spirit, guide those who seek your Son Jesus Christ.  Amen.

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