Jesus, have mercy

Luke 17:11-19

Because of the world-wide pandemic, people throughout the land are experiencing something called “social distancing.” Who could have conceived such a notion that the human family, which thrives on personal contact, would be called to distance one’s self from all others. It is difficult, to say the least. It just isn’t natural. Though, social distancing is not unprecedented.

As Jesus walked toward Jerusalem, he encountered ten men stricken with leprosy. These men were cast out. They were to remain socially distant until they were cured from their disease. Following Jesus’s instructions to show themselves to the priest, the men headed for town. Along the way they were healed. Now they had good cause to show themselves to the priest and be restored to the community. That is, all but one. He was a Samaritan. Given his predicament, there was only once place to go; back to Jesus.

In all of our social distancing and sheltering in place, there truly is only one place to go. Just as the Samaritan who was cured, we go back to Jesus. We go to him in prayer. We go to him in worship. We go to him for he is the only one who has the power to save. Go to him. Pray to him. Rely on the power of the living God. Place you trust in the one who saves and give him thanks.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank you for your mercy and grace. Amen.

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