Do not be anxious

Matthew 6:25-34

Some mornings it just doesn’t pay to read the papers or watch the news on television. One click of the remote and a restful sleep gives way to the harsh reality of our broken world. Military conflicts, economic down turns and global health crises dominate the airwaves. Quite frankly, things are a mess. Yet, one thing remains; Jesus is still Lord of all.

If you choose to see only the effects evil has on the world, then you are missing out on so many of the good things of God. When the sun rises, birds begin to sing, flowers open to the sunshine and God’s people look toward a new day and a new opportunity to share the good news that through Christ Jesus, the world is reconciled to God.

Jesus says to God’s people, “Do not be anxious about your life.” Surely, the God who created heaven and earth, and formed humanity in his own image and likeness will provide and care for that which he calls his own. Just take a look when the sun rises. The birds fill the skies, the flowers bloom, and as the new day dawns, the people of God remain in the tender care of our Lord. Simply seek the kingdom. It’s there for you today, tomorrow and always.

Prayer: Loving God, thank you for the blessing of each new day. Amen.

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