Living water

John 4:1-26

As spring time draws near, so too do the plans of back yard gardeners who look forward to planting vegetables and flowers. In the hot summers months that follow, it becomes easy to recognize plants that are thirsty for life giving water. They begin to droop. Their leaves curl and then wither. If not provided sufficient water, garden plants will not yield good fruit, if any at all. The same can be said for the people of God.

The Samaritan woman speaking with Jesus at the well is one who is dry and thirsty. She is not living a life pleasing to God. Instead, she is living a life of worldly measure. She is spiritually withered, dying on the inside. Jesus, the gardener, offers her water. Not just water to quench her thirst, but life-giving water flowing from the Word of God.

Jesus offers this same life-giving water today. His Word is the gospel that saves. It is the message of God’s forgiveness and mercy for sinners who confess and believe that Jesus is the one who takes away the world’s sin. The well-spring of the gospel flows in the hearts of the faithful. Those who believe will never be thirsty for God’s love.

Prayer: Pour out the water of life, O Lord, and satisfy my thirst for your grace. Amen.

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