Called to be generous

Mark 12:35-44

I’ve often written about meeting Jesus every day. You don’t have to look hard to see Jesus; he turns up just about everywhere. I once encountered Jesus at a Chinese take-out. He emptied his pockets of the little money he had. I listened as the woman behind the counter listed his options. He could get a small soup or two egg rolls, perhaps a side of fried rice. Anticipating my seemingly lavish banquet compared to his options, I finally asked him if I could help him out.

In my wallet I had four one-dollar bills and a twenty. I gave the man the four dollars and the extra change in my pocket and said to him, “now you can buy a full meal.” After supper, I felt good about helping the fellow buy a full meal. Good for me right?

In our text, the widow gave out of her poverty, while those in the temple didn’t have a clue of what it meant to be generous. Did I give generously, or was it more important to give a few dollars so I could feel good about myself and keep my twenty?

God calls us to be generous with all that he has first given us, including money for a Broccoli and Beef Combination Platter. For another buck fifty, the man could have had a drink to go with it. That Sunday during worship, Jesus appeared again. This time he fed me.

Prayer: Guide me, O Christ, that I might share the blessings of your kingdom. Amen.

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