Come to the well

John 4:1-14

The text this morning tells of an encounter of a Samaritan woman and Jesus. She came in the middle of the day when most would have likely come much earlier. Jesus knew who she was. He knew all about her life, her past, and especially her present. Living as she did, her life would be filled with ridicule, shame and animosity. She came to the well when it was likely no one would be there.

How much are we like her? We all have our secrets we don’t want anyone to know about. We don’t want to confront others who may have something against us. Yet, like the woman at the well, we cannot hide from Christ.

She was a Samaritan; he was a Jew. Still, Jesus didn’t judge her; he didn’t rebuke her. He simply initiated a conversation; “Give me a drink.” How little did she know that the God who brought water from the rock at Horeb is the same God who speaks to her now? Even before she knew it, she was being filled with the living water of the Gospel.

This same Jesus, knows you and me. He knows of our life, our past and especially our present. More importantly, Jesus knows our sin. Still, Christ invites us to the well to receive the living water of his love for our thirsty souls. Come to the well. Jesus is there for you.

Prayer: Lord, refresh us with the living water of your love. Amen.

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