Thankful for enough

John 6:1-15

We don’t have enough. Where are we going to get more? Statements and questions such as these are more common that we care to imagine. The lack of time or money seem to be two of the leading issues. Then there is the lack of food, shelter, or even simple human companionship. No matter who we are or where we come from, we all seem to be lacking something at any given moment.

Large crowds followed Jesus, and by the end of one particular day, the crowd lacked food for the evening. With the issue being brought before the Lord, Jesus simply instructed his disciples to give them something to eat. All that was available was a young boy’s sack lunch. Yet, in the hands of Christ it was enough.

In our times of want, it is important to remember that God is gracious and supplies all that is needed for life. Worldly solutions to our human predicament ought not to be our first thought. Rather, we should first give thanks for that with which we are blessed to receive, and in the spirit of such thankfulness, continue to look with hopefulness for God’s gracious provision.

Prayer: Your provide for me daily bread, O Lord, for which I am truly thankful. Amen.

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