Do not be afraid

John 6:16-21

It is not a secret, I love to watch powerful thunder storms. I love to watch them especially at night when the thunder shatters the quiet of the night and then lightning flashes so bright that one must shield their eyes. My children, on the other hand, do not care for thunderstorms at all, especially in the middle of the night. On more than one occasion, at the crack of thunder frightened children would jump into my lap for comfort.

Jesus is no stranger to this sort of circumstance. The stormy sea which threatened his twelve disciples and held them in terror is but one instance when Jesus brought comfort to the fearful. In the midst of this terrible storm, the twelve were so worried for their safety they didn’t even recognize Jesus as he came to them. But once he was in their midst, the storm ceased and order was restored.

We all have nights (or days) such as this. When the storminess of life brings us to fear and trembling we need to remember, Christ is with us. Just as Jesus rode out the storm with the twelve, he promises to walk through the darkest valleys with all who call upon his name.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, calm my fears and help me to put my trust always in you. Amen.

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