Luke 7:11-17

As Jesus approached the town of Nain there was a commotion. Weeping and wailing. A mother’s son, her only son, was dead, and she was a widow. There was no one left to care for her, no one to provide for her. No one, that is, except Jesus. The Lord had compassion. He restored her son to life and thus, restored her as well.

We all have a story about how God has had compassion for us or for someone who is close to us. We all have a story of how we prayed and God met our needs, calmed our fears, or came close to us bringing peace and comfort. In these instances, we are able to receive God’s goodness through faith. Even when situations don’t turn out as we hope, God’s mercy surpasses our need.

Just as Jesus restored the widow at Nain to wholeness by giving her back her son, God restores his people to wholeness and life through his Son. God’s compassion, mercy and grace don’t always work according to our ways and expectations. But for those who believe and call upon the name of Jesus Christ, his grace is more than sufficient.

Prayer: Holy God, have compassion upon me, and grant me life through your Son Jesus Christ. Amen.

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