Disciples follow

Matthew 4:17-22

What was it that Jesus noticed about Simon and his brother Andrew? They were merely simple fishermen casting their nets. The same might be asked of James and John. They were not doing anything out of the ordinary. They were going about the work of fishermen also, mending their nets. Why did Jesus choose these four out of the crowd? We can only speculate, but Jesus surely knew more about their character than we, or they ever could have known.

Upon hearing Jesus’s call, Simon and Andrew, and James and John immediately left their nets and their lives behind. Following Jesus, they learned from their teacher what it means to love God and to love their neighbor. They followed Jesus doing the things he taught them in the way he showed them.

Jesus continues to call ordinary people into his service. In fact, Jesus calls all Christians to be his disciples. He calls Christians to follow him, learn from him, and do the things as he has shown them to do. What has Jesus noticed about you? Why did he choose you out of the crowd? The truth remains, if you are a baptized follower of Christ, he has called you, an ordinary person, to follow him and be his disciple. How will you respond?

Prayer: Give me the will and desire to follow you, Lord Jesus, that I may be your disciple. Amen.

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