Name the demon

Mark 5:1-20

Name the demon. That is how it is said one might take control and finally conquer that which hinders life. So many people suffer from addictions, disorders and irrational fears yet, it seems they are powerless when it comes to defeating them and reclaiming a life of wholeness. Name the demon. That, it is often said, is the first step.

When Jesus traveled to the land of the Gerasenes, he was met by a crazed demoniac; a man possessed by demons. No one could approach him. No one dared confront him. But when the demon encountered Jesus, it shuddered before the Lord in fear. Then Jesus asked one simple question; “What is your name?” In these few words, Jesus demonstrated that the power of God is stronger than any earthly power.

To be sure, there are many powers that defy God’s goodness and love. Drunkenness, drug addiction, depression and anxiety are but a few. People throughout the world suffer greatly from their ill effects. Naming the demon is a beginning. But the true power comes through the name above all names, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Through him comes the power of God’s love and the promise of a life of wholeness and peace forever.

Prayer: Heal and restore me, Lord Jesus, as I call upon your name. Amen.

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