John 10:7-15

More often than not, when humans think of life in abundance, we count the many goods and comforts that would come our way. But Jesus didn’t promise “things” in abundance, he promised “life” in abundance. Truthfully, spending too much time on accumulation and consumption of “things” leaves precious little time for life.

Focus on material possessions takes us away from our relationship with God and one another. Such a life becomes lonely and isolated. Rather than storing up treasure in heaven, we leave it for earthly powers to destroy. Such powers take inventory, and when they finish, they attempt to convince us that we don’t have enough, that we are lagging behind our neighbor.

Today’s text is preceded by the account of Jesus restoring eyesight to a blind man and followed by Jesus raising Lazarus. John wants us to truly understand what abundant life is. It is “seeing” Jesus for who he really is and believing that he has the power to raise us to new and eternal life.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, help us put our faith and trust in you, so that we may have life abundantly. Amen.

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