A perfect life

2 Corinthians 4:7-18

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to live a perfect life? Imagine, a life with no worries, no sickness and no pain. Instead, there is nothing but happiness, peace and serenity. In this perfect life there would be no reason to look over your shoulder, no reason to second guessed whether or not you made the right decision. Your life would be perfect, and the outcome would be well, perfect.

Now snap back to reality. According to the world’s standards, no one lives a perfect life. This is especially true when we consider living according to God’s expectation. Since the beginning, sin has permeated every human life. We can’t even begin to imagine a perfect life because no one has ever lived without facing the consequences of our disobedience. Yet, people of faith in Christ Jesus have assurance of life in God’s kingdom.

The apostle Paul writes to the Christians at Corinth, and therefore, to us also, that through faith in Christ Jesus, worldly afflictions have no power over the people of God. In all instances, the surpassing power to deliver people from earthly woes belongs to God. Although our lives may be far from perfect, through Christ, we may realize the joy of God’s saving grace forever.

Prayer: Walk with me in this life, O Christ, that I may live forever with you. Amen.

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