Sowing seeds of faith

Matthew 13:1-17

As we read the parable of the sower, we soon discover that God has some peculiar farming techniques. It doesn’t seem to matter where the farmer cast the seed, he just throws it everywhere. Certainly, a farmer would not expect seeds to sprout up and yield a crop if they were sown along a path or among thorny bushes. Regardless, the sower in Jesus’ parable scatters seed quite liberally, where ever it may fall.

God continues to sow the seed of his word throughout the world. It is his desire that people would receive the gospel and share it with others, thus producing the fruit of faith among many. Yet, the devil and all the powers that defy God will continually attempt to snatch it away.

Living together in a community of faith is an essential and strong defense against such powers. As Christians gather to hear the gospel and receive the Father’s mercy and grace, hearts are gladdened as we put our faith and trust in Christ Jesus. Living in faith and trust, God’s people respond by going into the world sowing this same seed, so that others may have their hearts gladded by the good news of Jesus Christ.

Prayer: Go with me, Lord Jesus, that I may sow the seeds of your Word. Amen.

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