Hold fast

Mark 10:1-16

In the tenth chapter of Mark, Jesus continues his teaching as he is making his way even closer to Jerusalem. Along the way the Pharisees continually tried to trap Jesus with his own words. Sometimes it is about the Sabbath, sometimes concerning Jewish rituals and even complaining about the company he keeps. In this instance, they bring up the subject of law, specifically, divorce.

“Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife?” they ask. However, Jesus turns the question around on them. “What did Moses command you?” To be sure, Moses did not give a commandment concerning divorce, merely permission to do so because of human hardness of heart. Then as now, those seeking divorce had to fulfill the law’s requirements. Still, that did not address the brokenness brought about by sin.

Divorce is sad. It is tragic and certainly painful. That is because divorce is brought about by sin. Yet, thanks be to God that when we are repentant, we have the assurance of forgiveness through our Lord Jesus Christ. You see, this lesson isn’t about divorce at all. It is about God’s love for his people. It is about striving to keep his commandments. And most certainly, it is about seeking God’s mercy and grace through the one who came to save people from their sin.

Prayer: Loving Father, heal the brokenness of our lives, and grant us the joy f your saving grace. Amen.

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