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Journey of faith

Ephesians 2:1-10 The annual salmon run in Alaska is truly something to behold. Guided by the forces of nature, salmon, one after another, struggle to swim against the currents. Navigating violent rapids and falls, the salmon push ahead finally reaching … Continue reading

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God has a plan

John 3:1-17 There are a couple phrases used by Christians that seem to always get under my skin. The first one is “Everything happens for a reason.” The other is the phrase “God has a plan.” The usual context for … Continue reading

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Seek the kingdom

Matthew 6:25-34 We live in a world filled with expectations. Children are expected to do well in school. College graduates expect to embark on a high paying career. Investors expect their portfolio will pay huge dividends. Life is filled with … Continue reading

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Fishers of men

Mark 1:14-20 Have you ever noticed when fishing that none of the fish you catch come willingly? Whether throwing a net or casting a line with a rod and real, the fish you catch always try to get away. It … Continue reading

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Mark 4:35-41 The storm was raging and the twelve were frantic. Jesus was sleeping in the back of the boat while the disciples felt that at any given moment, all could be lost. Finally, they called out to Jesus. How … Continue reading

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Abundant life

John 10:1-10 A life of accumulation and consumption takes us away from God and from one another. Such a life often becomes lonely and isolated, with stored up treasures in barns rather than treasure stored in heaven. Soon we are … Continue reading

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Calling sinners

Mark 2:13-22 This time of year, one thing is certain, no one wants to meet the tax collector. In Jesus’ day, tax collectors were considered scoundrels taking unfair advantage of those from whom they collected revenue. They were also despised, … Continue reading

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