Mark 1:9-15
Immediately following his baptism, Jesus was driven by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness to face temptation, however, Mark doesn’t provide details. In Mark, we don’t read how Satan suggested Jesus bring forth bread from stone. There is no encounter at the pinnacle of the temple and no request for Jesus to bow down and worship the devil. Mark simply tells us Jesus faced temptation.

Certainly, Christians face temptation each and every day. There is not an instance when Satan is scheming or plotting against the people of God attempting to side track their faith and cause them to stumble. In the wilderness of the world, humans must contend with fear, doubt, selfishness, hate, envy and a slew of other snares set by the one who is beset against the purposes of God.

Jesus faced temptation, remained faithful. Even as we cannot do the same, God has provided the means for his people to win the victory over death. Even as we fall short, by God’s grace through faith in Christ Jesus, those who believe and are baptized are saved. While Satan follows the people of God throughout their earthly journey, even more so does God’s Holy Spirit guard and protect the faithful.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, fill me with your faithfulness, that I may withstand temptation and cling to your Word. Amen.

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