Seeking things above

Isaiah 55:3-9; Colossians 3:1-17; John 14:6-14

The past few days have brought with them plenty of sunshine. Have you ever noticed how sunny days lift peoples’ spirits? Smiles seem more prevalent and people more cheerful, especially when the sunshine is so bright.

This morning, daybreak brought with it heavy dark clouds and few breaks in the otherwise grey skies. Already, having met with a few people, I have noticed a change in the sunny disposition. Life seems a little more difficult, a bit more serious perhaps. What happened? Is it because the world all of a sudden became more sullen? Or could it be that people just seem to enjoy light over darkness?

The same thing happens to the people of God. As we continue living in the light of God’s grace, we see the world differently. With our eyes fixed on God’s love, we cannot help but reflect the light of Christ. Sharing the love of God and sharing our faith becomes second nature yet, just as the weather changes, so also our focus on Christ.

Earthly distractions beg our attention and often lead in a direction opposite from God’s desires. Joy is often overshadowed by the worries of the world. For this reason, the apostle Paul reminds the people of God to fix their eyes upon heavenly things; the compassion of Christ and the peace of the Holy Spirit. With our attention fixed heavenward, the people of God never lose sight of the promise of God’s mercy and grace, and we continue to live in the joy of our salvation.

Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, shine the light of your love upon me, that I may live in your peace each day. Amen.

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