Follow Jesus

Mark 3:7-19

As more people heard Jesus’ teaching, the crowds following him quickly grew larger. Within these crowds were people with great need. There were also people who were curious, and still others who questioned Jesus’ authority. Of these followers, Jesus called out twelve, setting them apart from the rest in order to prepare them for the task of establishing Christ’s Church on earth.

God continues to call people out of the crowds and separate them for the sake of the gospel. In many instances, Christ calls from the crowds those least expected to do extraordinary things for the sake of others. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, God equips them with gifts, enabling them to preach, teach, and care for those whom God places within their midst.

The crowd that followed Jesus is the same crowd that gathers in churches and wherever the gospel is proclaimed. Pews, chairs and halls are filled with the marginalized, the needy, those who desire to learn more of the mysteries of heaven, and even some who would challenge the shepherd’s authority. How has God called you to share the gospel in the midst of the crowd? How has he equipped you to minister to the neediest among us? Surely, as Christ set apart the twelve, so too has he called all his people to be disciples engaged in the mission of God.

Prayer: O Lord Jesus, strengthen my will and desire to follow you in the work of your gospel. Amen.

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