Isaiah 62:1-5, 10-12; Revelation 19:11-16; Matthew 1:18-25

Happy new year! Today is a day the world looks forward with optimism, perhaps with rose-colored glasses, imagining a better year ahead. Have you made a resolution? Some will resolve to lose weight, others to quit smoking or change another unhealthy aspect of their life. You might even commit to reading your Bible and spending time in prayer each day. No matter the pledge, at some point we all will be tempted to “take a break.” Our sinful nature always brings us to such crossroads. A year seems like a long time to remain true to our promise. What we need is diligence, resolve, and most of all faithfulness.

Today’s lessons speak to God’s faithfulness. Ever since Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, God has been faithful in his promise to save people from sin. The prophets foretold of the coming of Christ. Hundreds of years later, angels announced his birth. And finally, John reminds us all of God’s faithfulness as salvation has come through the one called the Word of God.

Whatever your resolution for the new year, commend it to God and remember, God is faithful. Whether you are weak or strong, the Word of the Lord will sustain you and give you strength for each new day.

Prayer: Lord, you are my strength.  Sustain me with your Word. Amen.

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