Listening for God

1 Kings 19:9-18; Ephesians 4:17-32; John 6:15-27

When seeking God’s presence and provision, a recurring trend for many Christians is to read books penned by spiritual experts. Others hang on every word of slick looking prosperity preachers on television. Perhaps their message of God’s willingness to bless you if only you will live your best day today will finally sink in and make a difference – or maybe it won’t.

The reality of our human predicament is that we too often seek fulfillment chasing after worldly endeavors. Christians want to hear from God; we want doubts displaced by assurances. Yet, we often miss the signs of our Father’s love as we live amid the cacophony of a world turned inward. Instead of listening for God’s voice, we turn an ear to conventional wisdom. Rather than seeking the bread that lasts forever, we fall for the quick fix to satisfy appetites for earthly living.

Following a mighty wind, the rumble of an earthquake and a fury of fire, Elijah heard God in the quiet of a low whisper. Our Lord Jesus brought peace to his terrified disciples as he came to them on the stormy sea. Turning to God’s Word, and away from the futility of worldly living, Christ speaks to us today with the assurance of his grace.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, make your presence known as I dwell in the assurance of your Word. Amen.

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