Rely on God


Genesis 45:1-28

It goes without saying, Joseph is a model of faithfulness for anyone who faces trouble in their life. His brothers became jealous and angry that their youngest brother was their father Jacob’s favorite. So intense was there jealousy, they cast Joseph into a pit leaving him for dead. Later he would be sold into slavery, and finally, he would be falsely accused and imprisoned for crimes he did not commit. In each instance, Joseph could have cried out in anger. He could have turned away from the God of his ancestors or, he could have completely given up. Yet in every instance, Joseph remained faithful and relied on God.

The story of Joseph teaches us that within this fallen and broken world, God can use all things for the good of his people. Our lives are filled with challenges to our faith yet, there is no one person who is so lost that God cannot find them. There is no one so grief stricken that God cannot bring consolation. There is no one person so sick, suffering, or in peril that God cannot deliver them from that which holds them captive.

During this time of Advent, the story of Joseph reminds us of God’s grace. We are reminded of the lengths God will go to deliver his people from sin. Our Lord is willing to go even unto the cross in order to redeem that which was lost. Yes, bad things do happen, even to God’s people. But our Lord and God is stronger than any powers of this earth. Ours is to remain faithful and fully rely on God.

O God our Savior, in times of despair, keep us faithful through your Son Jesus Christ. Amen.

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