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Rich or poor

Mark 10:17-31 I know a woman who does not have much to live on, but she would be offended if I said she was poor. Eleanor does not consider herself to be one of the poor ones. Yes, she has … Continue reading

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Disciples give

Mark 10:17-27, 2 Corinthians 9:1-15 The rich man walked away dejected. He had many possessions, or did he? Who can really say that the things within their grasp are truly their possessions? Are not all things from God? Certainly all … Continue reading

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Serve one master

Luke 16:1-13 Our society encourages people to continually look for ways to get ahead. Beating the system means living an easier way of life. Of course, this means the Master’s wealth is often misused. Satan often tempts us to put … Continue reading

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God provides

Mark 8:11-21 Where will the money come from? We need more volunteers. Our church attendance is too low. We do not have enough. Such are the doubts and fears of a congregation focused not on Christ, but on the struggles … Continue reading

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