Life assurance

John 6:35-51, Hebrews 11:1-12, Genesis 12:1-7

Certainly, a large percentage of people reading this devotion have life insurance. The same goes for those who own houses or automobiles. Insurance provides an element of hope in times of adversity. We pay the premium and trust the insurance company to stand behind their promise. Still, loopholes and clauses work in the insurance company’s favor in order to limit the payout of benefits.

As some pin their hopes on worldly powers, Christians have hope in Christ for all eternity. The Holy Spirit’s gift of faith provides assurance beyond doubt. Through faith, God assures us of his grace. We have assurance that we are forgiven and made inheritors of God’s kingdom. Such assurance stirs God’s people to put faith into action.

Faith enabled Abraham to follow God’s call to a new land. The disciples followed Jesus in his earthly ministry then built his church. Through faith, Martin Luther led the Reformation of the Church. Today, Christians share their faith with others so they too will have the assurance of God’s grace. For it is through faith that we meet the risen Christ, and through him only is the way to everlasting life.

Prayer: Keep us in faith, O God, through which we have the assurance of your grace. Amen.

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