Hunger hurts

1 Kings 19:1-8, John 6:1-14

Simply put, hunger hurts. Hunger brings the pain of a starving body, a stomach craving to be fed. Upon visiting places where hunger is widespread, it isn’t long before you begin to feel hunger’s pain. The faces of those whom you meet reflect the suffering they feel from within. It is a pain that has but one cure: food.

Spiritual hunger, though not visible, is no less painful. If we could see the effects of spiritual hunger, we would soon recognize the ugliness of sin, the ashen complexion of hopelessness, and a faith longing to be nourished. It too is a pain that has but one cure: Christ.

In his compassion, our Lord Jesus provided food by multiplying the few loaves and fishes his disciples gathered. Hunger was satisfied. Jesus also provides nourishment for hungry souls. Holy Scripture, weekly worship, the Sacraments, and prayer are the means by which faith is fed. As Christ feeds his Church with this spiritual food, hunger is satisfied.

Fed from his table, the Church is sent to feed the hungry—not only with food that satisfies hungry stomachs, but also food for a starving faith. Jesus says, “You give them something to eat.”

Prayer: Equip us to feed the hungry, O Lord, that they may be satisfied through your grace.  Amen.

Photo: Feeding orphaned children in Kinshasa, DRC July 2017

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