Matthew 4:1-11

Certainly we all face temptation, but what does it mean to be tempted? At the very least, to be tempted means that we are enticed, lured or even seduced to engage in a behavior we know is contrary to our well-being. Worldly powers are always busy trying to draw us away from living in the light and love of Christ Jesus. It is what the devil and his minions are good at. They won’t stop in their attempt to drive a wedge in between God and his people.

The evil one hurls temptations our way in the hopes that we would give in and disregard God’s words and promises. They come fast and furious, without warning and often disguised in the most attractive ways. The devil would love nothing more than for us to ignore the teaching of Christ and live for ourselves. Yet, through the work of the Holy Spirit, we are equipped to resist temptation.

Jesus is our example. Alone in the wilderness for forty days, the Lord faced the full measure of the tempter’s power. Even in his weakest moments, Jesus clung to God’s word of promise. We too can cling to this power from on high. God’s Word is certain, it is true and it is powerful. When you face the tempter’s power, put your trust in God’s Word. Remember God is faithful, he will give you strength.

Prayer: Almighty God, when faced with temptation, give me strength to be true to your Word. Amen.

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