The Master’s voice

John 10:22-30

There is an old familiar image that many of us have grown up with. For those of a certain age, it is an image that we have seen in our homes, in stores, and in advertisements. As you recall the old RCA logo, you might visualize the familiar figure of a dog sitting in front of an antique Victrola record player. The dog is staring intently at the speaker as if the record player was speaking directly to him. The caption revealed what held this canine’s interest so completely; “His master’s voice.”

Through the word of God, our Lord and Master Jesus Christ calls out to those who are his own. We are his sheep. He is our Shepherd. Under his protection and care there is no evil that would snatch us from his hand. The power of Jesus’s love is greater than the powers of the world so there truly is nothing for us to fear. The authority of his Word far surpasses any earthly authority and Christ’s grace is sufficient in all circumstances.

Listen, do you hear it? The Master’s voice is calling to you. He calls to you to give you assurance. He calls you unto himself in order to calm your fears and to bring you peace. Jesus is the one who gives his life for the sake of his sheep. He knows us and we know him. He has told us plainly. Ours is now to hear his voice, give thanks and follow.

Prayer: O Lord, I hear your voice. Give me the will to follow you. Amen.

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