A place at the table

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2 Corinthians 4:13-5:10, Luke 16:19-31

As baptismal waters washed over his head, the stain of sin was erased forever and he was made a new creation. At long last he became a child of God, refreshed and brought to new life. So it was for a homeless man walking the streets of Charleston who happened to befriend this particular pastor.

It seemed that at every turn, fortune never seemed to smile upon my friend. He was homeless, friendless and trusted no one. Yet, tired of being alone, he entered the church. There he found compassion. In time, the compassion he discovered taught him to trust; his trust led him to love. Life remained difficult, but his newly gifted faith would begin to understand this earthly affliction would one day pass, and the kingdom would be his forever.

As Lazarus longed for food from the rich man’s table, not a crumb would fall within his reach. The rich man failed in his calling and was denied the mercy of God. Many in this world continue to ignore the lost and hungry. But just as God smiled upon Lazarus, all who call upon the Lord will find compassion and take their place at the table of heaven.

Prayer: Father God, give us hearts for love alone, that we might love and serve our neighbor. Amen.

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