Least of these

Matthew 25_40

Matthew 25:31-45

Ten dollars – that is all it was. But to the man on the corner, you know, the one you and I, and so many others, pass by each day, to him it may as well have been one hundred.

It was cold last night…so cold.

There was no place to go; the usual digs were taken up and the all night eatery wouldn’t allow him to stay without making a purchase. There was a corner that was out of the wind…behind the dumpster. At least it was quiet. But in this cold, sleep could be dangerous.

Cat naps…no more, no less. Gotta move once in a while to stay warm. Help me Jesus. Keep watch over me.

Finally…sunrise. He made it. It was so cold…still is.

Sitting on the street corner he watched the world go by; one car after another. Still cold…hungry too. Prospects looked dim…until…a man with ten dollars happened by.

What is your name?
You look cold. Come on, let’s get some coffee.

Prayer: Thank you Jesus; thank you for watching. Thank you for another day of your grace. Amen.

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