The Father’s will

John 6:38-47

Who could know the will of God? So often, especially in times of great anticipation or distress, Christians  might pray “please let it be your will.” In times such as these, our wants and our fears get in the way of our being open to God’s will. Instead, we attempt to coerce God into bending his will in our direction.

For a few days now, we have been following the crowds that followed Jesus. Through scripture, we have witnessed God’s faithful acts through the feeding of a great multitude and Jesus calming a stormy sea. To the crowd asking for further proof, Jesus simply reveals the truth. The will of the Father is that all people would be saved through the one whom he has sent. His teaching and miracles bear witness to this.

To know God’s will is to understand his love and desire for you, that you would be saved from the consequences of your sin. God’s will becomes reality for those who hear the Gospel and believe in the one whom the Father has sent. The evidence is in Christ himself. God’s will for you is always the goodness and mercy that comes through Christ the Lord.

Prayer: Not my will, O God, but your will be done. Amen.

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