Sharing the gift

Luke 2:22-40

As today begins, Christians find themselves at the intersection of life in the world and life as God’s beloved people. For the world, it is simply another day following a busy holiday season. Yet, for those who know the Christian calendar, it is the twelfth day of Christmas. As such, we remember the gift of the Christ child as Jesus is presented to God in his temple. When Simeon beheld the baby Jesus, he knew that through this particular child would come salvation for all who believed in him.

Even today, as it seems our world is spinning out of control, Christians have the same opportunity to re-present Christ to a fallen humanity. The child Simeon beheld so long ago is the same Jesus who gave his life and was raised so that believers would be forgiven of their sin and raised to new life in heaven. This is the story we are to share. This is the good news for our fallen and broken world. Like Simeon, through faith our eyes have seen God’s salvation. God bless you as you share this gift with others.

Prayer: Holy God, allow us to go in peace as we share the good news of your Son Jesus Christ. Amen.

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