Given for you

Matthew 26:26-29

For forty days, Christians have walked with Jesus along the road to Jerusalem and the cross. Along the way, we have heard Jesus’ teaching, witnessed his miracles, and through these received a glimpse of God’s kingdom. Beholding all of these, one question might come to mind; “If Jesus did so much good, and lived a life without sin, why did Jesus have to die?”

Beginning the Paschal Triduum (Three Days), Jesus provides the answer to a much deeper question; “For whom did Jesus do all of these?” For whose sake did he stop along the way and have compassion? For whose benefit was it that Jesus taught in parables and performed signs and wonders? Who profited from his suffering and death? Who did Jesus come to deliver from the powers of sin?

You. He did it for you.

On the night he was betrayed, Jesus gathered his disciples and told them about the things that would soon happen. Jesus didn’t explain the full meaning of his death, but he left no doubt as to its significance. Jesus met the twelve in a most intimate time and place, during the Passover meal. On that night, in the bread and the wine, he offered them (and you) his body and blood for the forgiveness of sin.

In the same way, even now our Lord Jesus meets us at the table. He provides more than just bread and wine. He gives us more than a means to remember his sacrifice. Jesus provides us with heavenly food, his very own body and blood. Never was there a gift so precious, never was there food so satisfying. He gives it to you and to me so that we would live with him forever.

Prayer: Thank you Lord Jesus, for saving your people from their sin. Amen.

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