To bear much fruit

John 15:1-8

A friend of mine is the keeper of a peach orchard. One thing about peach trees that I have learned is that they must be tended to year round. In these winter months, the beginning of the yearly pruning is about to take place. If the trees are not pruned in the winter, they will become bushy, growing in upon themselves, blocking their blossoms from much needed sunlight. In this instance, the trees won’t produce the high quality fruit expected in summer. The same can be said of disciples following our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus says, “Every branch that does bear fruit [God] prunes, that it may bear more fruit.” John 15:2. It goes without saying that the trappings of this world often entangle us and cause us to grow in upon ourselves. Without daily repentance, we will certainly become like a bushy vine or tree with tangles and snarls that attempt to rob us of the light of Christ.

As we strive to remain faithful, reading scripture each day, spending time in prayer, and confessing those instances where we have fallen short of God’s expectation, we submit ourselves to the pruner’s shears. These steps toward daily repentance will certainly help us grow in faith and enable us to bear fruit for God’s kingdom. Thanks be to God.

Prayer: O God, shine your light upon us, that we may bear fruit for your kingdom. Amen.

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