Be healed

John 5:1-9

We have all heard of home remedies that may or may not actually work. One such remedy is chicken soup used to cure the common cold. Dark chocolate is thought to be a good remedy for a persistent cough. Whether they work or not, chicken soup and dark chocolate are delicious methods for treatment. Some home remedies do work, others not so much. Some say it is all in the mind.

In our text, John introduces us to a man lying at the Pool of Bethesda. It is said angels stir up the waters and the first to get in will be healed of their affliction. This man has been there for thirty-eight years. One would think that by now he would have succeeded in getting to the pool first. Jesus’ question gets right to the point, “Do you want to be healed?”

Old or young, man or woman, all people are sinners. Our age-old rebellion stifles faithful and healthy lifestyles. Given the opportunity to turn away from sin, we make excuses. Like the man at the pool, we can usually manage to place blame elsewhere. Do we really want to be healed, forgiven, blessed? All it takes is a word and a command from Christ for sinners to be saved. Get up. Walk in the way of the Lord.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, save me from the affliction of my sin. Amen.

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