Accepting truth

Luke 18:31-43

Jesus told them plainly; once they reached Jerusalem, he would be turned over to the Gentiles, be beaten and then killed. Yet on the third day, God would raise him from the grave. Even as we know this to be true, the disciples had difficulty accepting Jesus’ words. The prophets foretold of it; Jesus affirmed it, but the disciples simply couldn’t face the truth that all Jesus said would certainly be accomplished.

Sometimes, when presented with the truth, we have difficulty accepting it. An adverse diagnosis, news of a tragedy, financial woes, or simply owning up to our own failures; each of these can cause us to discount the present reality. Too often, denial leads to disbelief. Even as we know the truth, we are apt to turn a blind eye hoping everything will pass.

As Jesus drew near to Jericho, a blind man called out to him. Those lining the streets tried to stifle his voice, yet he called out all the more. Though blind, he had vision; he knew Jesus was the Christ, the one promised from God, the one who would redeem Israel, the one who had the power to restore his sight. Facing the truth, he called upon the Son of David, and his sight was restored. The truth remains today, Jesus, the Son of David is the one who has mercy and restores the people of God.

Prayer: O Christ, restore our sight, so that we may accept the truth of your grace. Amen.

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