No one knows

Mark 13:1-37

Certainly, with all the conflict, violence and natural disasters, the end must be near. How could things get much worse? Just when we think the news could not get any worse, the headlines bring yet another round of stories concerning war, oppression and hate. Our world has also seen its share of false Messiahs come and go. Leaders of cults and outlandish religious movements have misled millions. They have swayed many to false belief throughout the years. Considering all of this, the end surely must be near.

The notion of living in the end times is not something that is new. Many of the early Christians believed Jesus would soon return, bringing his judgment to those who deny his sovereignty and grace to believers. Yet, Jesus tells us that many of the instances we point to are just the beginnings of the birth pangs. Jesus says these things will take place, and as we look back through history, these things have occurred and promise to continue.

There is another promise God’s people can count on, the promise of eternal life in Christ Jesus. Just as we become witnesses to all that is evil in our fallen world, we also know and believe the Son of Man will return with great power and glory. Jesus promises to come again and reveal the kingdom of God in its fullness to those who believe. Until that day, our Lord commands his people to follow his example, love God above all else and love our neighbors as ourselves.

Prayer: O Lord Jesus, give us the will to follow you as we await the day of your coming again. Amen.

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