The end is near

Luke 21:5-19, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

Alongside the road there is an old VW van with a sign propped up against it; “Repent, the end is near!” The car in front of you in traffic has a bumper sticker warning that “In case of RAPTURE this vehicle will be unmanned!” Finally, in bold letters the theater marquis assures you that you do not want to be “LEFT BEHIND!” It seems someone at every turn is attempting to decipher the signs and sift through the hidden clues in Holy Scripture in order to determine just when the end will come. Even Jesus’ disciples wondered openly about the end times. “When will all these things take place?” “What will be the sign?”

In Luke’s gospel, Jesus foretells the destruction of the Jerusalem temple. In Matthew’s gospel he speaks of the reality of earthly life. In both of these, our Lord instructs God’s people to pay little attention to such events. They must happen, but they are not the indicators, merely moments in history. Only the Father knows when he will make all things new. Until then, we have assurance that even as such events occur, Christ is present among us, even to the end of the age.

Prayer: Christ our Lord; give us faith to persevere and to patiently await your coming in glory. Amen.

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