Changing the rules

Luke 24:1-9

The rule is, when your heart stops beating and you quit breathing, you die. But God’s raising Jesus changes the rules. The resurrection changes the rules of the world, of life and death. Everything is changed. Suddenly we are redeemed. Our sins are forgiven and believers have the assurance of new life in God’s kingdom.

On the cross, Jesus confronted the powers that defy God. Our sin, the hurt we cause others, and the disregard for God’s commandments were put to death as Jesus breathed his last. The sin of the world was placed within the tomb along with Jesus’ lifeless body. It seemed death claimed the victory. But the resurrection of Christ conquers even the grave. And because Christ lives, the lives of those who believe can never be the same.

Jesus’ resurrection is our opportunity to throw off the old worn out garments of worldly life that rob us of hope. Finally, we can leave the damage done by sin in the empty tombs of our old lives, leave them behind like the rolled up grave clothes that they are, and step forward with the assurance of God’s mercy and grace. The rules have changed, and this is good news for all who believe.

Prayer: Gracious God, thank you for your saving grace, and for the life that comes through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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