Washing feet

John 13:1-17

Dirty, filthy feet. That is what our Lord stooped so low to wash; the dirty, filthy feet of his closest companions. These are the feet of the twelve who dared take Jesus up on his invitation to follow him and become fishers of men. These men who witnessed Christ’s miracles of feeding, healing and even raising from the dead, the neediest of people. Jesus’ disciples learned from their master the ways of God’s truth, and on the night Jesus was handed over, they would learn the lesson of God’s love expressed through humility.

Our world would do well to practice such behavior. Even as the hungry, sick and dying are ever present, the prevailing wisdom of the world is to care for the self before caring for others. Examples of people expressing God’s love through humility still exist, but they seem to be growing fewer in number. Yet, Jesus continues to call his followers to fish for people. Our Lord continues to equip and empower disciples, so that they would be about the work of the gospel; loving God and loving neighbor.

Dirty, filthy feet, washed by the hands of our Lord. This is the example set by Christ for the twelve, and for us. A day later, Christ would wash away the filthy stain of our sin through the pouring out of his life on the cross.

Prayer: Make me your disciple, O Christ, and guide me in the way of your love. Amen.

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