Mark 11:12-19

Yesterday we waved palms, shouted “Hosanna!” and greeted our King with exuberance. So, what of today? The procession has ended; the excitement died down, and life has returned to normal. Well, that may also be what the citizens of Jerusalem thought the day following Jesus’ triumphal entry. Even as their loud shouts of praise echoed in their hearts and minds, the next morning brought with it the same daily struggle against oppression. Rome was still in charge.

Today, we are not that much different. Yes, we had a very exciting time in worship yesterday. We recalled the day our Lord Jesus was welcomed into the City of David as were the kings of old. But today, at the beginning of Holy Week, we too face the same daily struggle. We live in a world of sinfulness, one that would attempt to lead us away from God, enticing us with its empty promises. How would Jesus react if he were to come into our lives as he did those who lived in and around Jerusalem?

On that day after, Jesus purged the temple of all that was unholy and unclean. He cast out the greedy money changers, turned over their tables and drove out the merchants. Would Jesus cleanse us as he did the temple? By week’s end, we can only hope…and trust in the God who saves people for their sin.

Prayer: O God, cleanse the thought of our hearts by the inspiration of your Holy Spirit. Amen.

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